“The Bleeding-Jew-In-Agony is a perversion of the Circled Plus symbol of Ultimate Reality.” – Shane Bunting

One fundamental thing you’re going to have to accept in order to make progress spiritually is that Jews lie. Everything Jews say their enemies are or what their enemies do is a psychological shift of their own collective blame.

That is a central Jewish tactic.
They project everything that they are and do on their enemies.

Jews are very manipulative. Jews generally have a very highIQ.  The Average American has an IQ around 100 and ranks #19 on the global list.

thought-forms-flowingJesus Christ is a Jewish constructed thought-form. You’re literally making a future Jewish Messiah a reality. Thought is Energy and Energy is Mass.

The Judeo-Christian “service” is symbolic cannibalism.Bleeding-hosts-1-C-717x450

A dyingbleedingthorn-crownedJewin-agony is Jewish psychological manipulation.

See: Axis Mundi. World Tree. Absolute (Philosophy).

Jews psychologically brain-(manipulate) the Judeo-Christian while claiming to be the opponent of Christianity and Islam. In reality the Muslims and Christians are under the direct psychic influence and domination of the Jews.




Download Black Sun 666 here:



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